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10 Secret And Quirky Spots In Bath

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Sham Castle: When it comes to fake castle, there is nothing better than this. Constructed in the 18th-century in Bathampton as a way to ‘beautify’ an eccentric wealthy Englishman’s house from Bath city, Sham folly is abode of oodles of history and offers a breathtaking view. Today it is just steps away from the campus of Bath University and is a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of city life where you can admire the domes, spires and pretty stone facades from above.
Beazer Garden Maze: Not far from Pulteney Bridge, this maze is a perfect secret spot for all age groups to enjoy. This maze, which was actually a labyrinth, was designed by Randoll Coate in 1984 and is best visited on a warm summer’s day. Brunel’s railway, Georgian architecture and Roman whispers can all be found in various caveats of the labyrinth. Coate, when designing this garden, drew his inspiration from the legion of eras that influenced the city.
Swoon Gelato: For all the sweet tooth vacationing in Bath, Swoon gelato is definite stop for a scoop or two of their ice-cream. Being a rather well known dessert shop, the vast variety of flavours like Blood Orange Sorbetto, Mascarpone with Caramelised Fig Gelato, the quirky dishes and the creative gelatos that it offers are yet to be discovered by many. The Italian style gelato uses locally produced products wherever possible and has around 50% less fat than the traditional ice creams. When you cannot make up your mind on what to have from all the heavenly choices in front of you, you can always have a spoon to sample.
Bath Abbey Tower: Despite being the most iconic thing to see in Bath, the hidden or rather not well known spot lies at the top of the 200+ steps of the building tower that you can climb for one of the best panoramic views of the city.
Paddle boarding on the River Avon: Yes, river Avon is definitely not a secret spot! After all, the murky waters of this famous river are Bath’s main raison d’être. However, what is unknown to many tourists is that you can go paddle boarding along the river. This relaxing evening activity offers a unique perspective of Bath and makes an adventurous activity for all to enjoy.
Topping & Company Booksellers: the city of Bath is heaven for the book lovers as it homes countless bookshops peppered around the city. Giving a quick nod to Topping and Company, you will find around 45,000 titles of rare and first edition tomes to everyday reads on their handmade shelves. This is every bibliophile’s dream destination which is rather not well known to outsiders.
Bath Guildhall Market: Situated in the centre of the city, the market traces its roots over 800 years back to the medieval times and is the oldest shopping venue the city has. Characterised by the 19-century covered domes covering the pedestrian parades, the market offers everything from cupcakes and confectionery to souvenirs and haberdashery.
Bath Vintage & Antiques Market, Green Park Station: Bath being a historic city, offers a great marketplace for the people who want to shop all things vintage, rare and offbeat. But what is unknown is that the best time and place to do this is on the last Sunday of the month in Green park station. On this day, the station is transformed into the treasure trove collectibles, antiques and vintage ware. This market place has been going well for over five years. You can enjoy shopping spree along with the delicious, locally produced food and drinks from the stalls and vending machines.
Electric Bear Brewing Co.: Fan of beer related things? Then you must have heard of the Electric Bear Brewing Co. this unusual and quirky moniker is actually quite straightforward. The ‘bear’ is related to the founder’s home district and ‘electric’ comes from the fact that the beer is brewed electrically. This Bath-based company offers many quirky drinks like coffee and chocolate infused beer, mango sour beer, etc. This is a definite place to tick while in Bath for all the beer lovers.
Somerset Lavender Farm: technically the farm is not in proper city of Bath but it can be visited by car. Home to abundance of sweetly scented blooms of Somerset Lavender Farm is too good of a place to miss while in Bath. The place is half an hour drive away from the city and offers two large lavender fields to explore. The location is free to visit along with the lavender garden featuring the rose harbour. The site also has other themed gardens, café, plant nursery and farm shops.
The city has a lot to offer, it only needs a true globetrotter to find its hidden gems.

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