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"Heritage City" UNESCO

Bath, UK, is known as the "Heritage City" due to its rich history dating back to Roman times when it was founded as a spa town around natural thermal springs. Notably, the Roman Baths highlight this ancient heritage. The Georgian era further elevated Bath's prominence, transforming it into an elegant city with unique terraced buildings and landmarks like the Royal Crescent. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 underscores its commitment to preserving historical charm and architectural legacy. The title "Heritage City" reflects Bath's dedication to safeguarding its cultural richness for generations to come.

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Unwind in the City of Bath

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of England, Bath is a city steeped in history and elegance. Renowned for its Roman-built baths and stunning Georgian architecture, Bath exudes a timeless charm that captivates visitors. The city's rich heritage is complemented by a vibrant cultural scene, featuring museums, galleries, and a thriving arts community. With its inviting thermal waters, lush green parks, and a delightful blend of traditional and modern attractions, Bath offers a unique blend of relaxation and exploration for those seeking an unforgettable experience in the heart of the United Kingdom.

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Whether you happen upon the Royal Crescent, the Roman Baths, the Holburne Museum, or any of the many magnificent sights, Bath invites you to engage in contemplation and find serenity. It offers a tranquil reset, a juncture for reflection and restoring balance.
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Since the inception of the Roman Baths, the thermal waters have possessed an irresistible charm, attracting global visitors to both the ancient Baths and the modern Thermae Spa. This spa is home to Britain's only natural thermal hot springs available for bathing. Bath serves as a revitalizing solution for those in search of relief from life's pressures. Our exclusive goal is to ensure your utmost satisfaction throughout your sojourn at Wentworth House in Bath. As you bid farewell to the city, our aspiration is for you to take along a renewed sense of energy and vigor.

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Why Stay with Us

Wentworth House, located close to the city center renowned for its quintessential Georgian charm in historic Bath, provides accommodations tailored for couples, families, and friends. Our spaces exude the cozy elegance of the Georgian era, offering a comprehensive bed and breakfast experience.

With its strategic location, Wentworth House is a prime choice. Our unwavering dedication to guest happiness and hearty English breakfasts creates an outstanding experience for those discovering Bath's UNESCO heritage site. Additionally, we offer complimentary parking and a convenient 20-minute walk to the town center.


Experience the perfect blend of Georgian charm and modern comfort at Wentworth House Hotel, located in the heart of historic Bath. Our well-appointed rooms offer an elegant retreat reflecting the grace of the Georgian era. Enjoy easy access to Bath's attractions, warm hospitality. Discover special offers for students and NHS heroes, making your stay even more exceptional. Whether it's a romantic escape or a family getaway, Wentworth House Hotel welcomes you to experience Bath's allure with timeless elegance and exceptional service. Book now to uncover the essence of this captivating city.


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